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The Trump administration has published a proposed rule that would force many immigrants and their families to choose between accessing essential public services and keeping their families together.  Protecting Immigrant Families Michigan is a collaborative campaign of the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, ACCESS, the Michigan League for Public Policy, and the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation.  

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Holland SentinelMy Take: Am I a burden on America? (10/18/18)

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  • How can I comment?  Comments can be submitted directly through
  • Do I have to share my information when I comment? Commenters will not be required to provide their address or information about their immigration status. We encourage anyone who wants to submit an anonymous comment to ask a friend or family member to share your story.
  • Are there resources for organizational or institutional comments? Yes, sector-specific templates will be available for you to edit and submit directly to the Federal Register along with any attachments. These templates and submission instructions will be shared through our listserv as soon as the comment period opens.
  • Other tips? Unique comments will be most effective. We encourage you to individualize your comment by sharing how this rule will affect you or your community.
What immigrant families should know now:
  • This proposed rule is not yet official, and we can fight back!
  • There’s no reason to drop off public benefits like Medicaid or food stamps now. If a new rule is eventually implemented, it will only apply going forward. The only benefits that currently affect the public charge determination are cash assistance or institutionalized long-term care paid for by the government.
  • Some immigrants are exempt from a public charge determination, including refugees, asylees, U-visa or T-visa recipients, VAWA, Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJS) and some others.
  • If you already have a green card, the new rule would only affect you if you leave the U.S. for more than 6 months, or are otherwise seeking readmission into the U.S. The new rule would not apply when renewing your green card or applying to become a U.S. Citizen. 
  • Individuals outside of the U.S., applying for admission, or who plan to leave the U.S. to get their green card through a U.S. consulate abroad, may already be subject to a stricter public charge evaluation. Consult with an immigration attorney before leaving the United States.
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