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DNA Collection Part of Attempts to Cast Immigrants as Criminals

"It's part of a seemingly endless barrage of dehumanizing policies targeting immigrant communities, and it needs to change." - Susan Reed

(Detroit Free Press - October 7, 2020)

Coalition Urges Governor To Veto Bills that Would Harm Workers Affected by COVID-19

"It sets an impractical and virtually impossible bar to prove when an employer acted negligently in not protecting workers from COVID-19." - Diana Marin

(WKAR - October 5, 2020)

Farmworkers, Historically Exempt from Labor Protections, Face New Challenges During Pandemic

“The COVID-19 outbreak has not only exacerbated some of these ongoing concerns about worker safety protection, but it also shed light on some of the new guidelines that should be implemented.” - José López

(Pulitzer Center - September 28, 2020)

Former MIRC Intern Starts Non-Profit to Provide Free Legal Services to Immigrants

“With filing fees costing thousands of dollars, many immigrants from Massachusetts who need immigration legal help can no longer afford it...[I hope] the website will be able to help [immigrants] find freedom and happiness in the U.S.” - Fernando Urbina

(The MetroWest Daily News - September 25, 2020)

Lawsuit Challenging Michigan Order to Provide Testing for Farmworkers Dismissed

“..the lawsuit has caused a spread of misinformation about the order that MIRC plans to help fix. [MIRC] will also “continue to fight for more protections for farmworkers, an essential workforce that keeps the State of Michigan fed.”” - Diana Marin (MLive)

(Michigan Radio - September 10, 2020)

Family Separation Triggered by 'Remain in Mexico' Protocol

"It’s actually a more difficult situation in many ways than family separation from the point of view of the child, and from our point of view as legal advocates. As horrible as it was that parents were in detention, mostly at the border, we could find them, we could talk to them. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible. And with some of the kids we’re encountering now, they don’t know where their families are." - Susan Reed

(Michigan Radio - January 22, 2020)

Myth Busting on Undocumented People in Michigan

"There's approximately 100,000 undocumented people that live here in Michigan and more than 70,000 of U.S. citizens in Michigan [live with] one or more family member(s) who is undocumented." - Rebeca Ontiveros-Chavez

(Great Lakes Beacon - January 9, 2020)

Invasive and Unwarranted DNA Collection at the Border

"The practice is invasive, unwarranted, and has uncertain future privacy implications as the technology evolves." - Susan Reed

(Michigan Advance - January 7, 2020)

Man Wrongfully Detained by ICE Wins Settlement

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan and Michigan Immigrant Rights Center filed the complaint on Ramos-Gomez’s behalf in April, saying VanderKooi discriminated against him based on his race, violating the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act."  (TIME) (mitú) (Remezcla) (Grand Haven Tribune) (WJHL 11) (WOODTV 8)

(Latin Post - November 22, 2019)

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Chaldean Deportations

"In addition to attorneys from the ACLU of Michigan and the national ACLU, the class-action suit is being litigated by the law firm Miller Canfield, Michigan law professor Margo Schlanger, the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and other ACLU cooperating attorneys."

(Valliant News - November 17, 2019)