MIRC internship exit memo - Ypsilanti 2019

Sestina Real - Summer 2019

I am currently a 2L at Michigan State College of Law. After graduation, I hope to practice: Criminal Defense, Civil Liberties, and Immigration Law. I chose to work for the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (“MIRC”) because I wanted to be a part of the work they do. MIRC is an extension of the Michigan Advocacy Program (“MAP”) that serves a very important and crucial role in maintaining and advocating for the rights of immigrants and migrant workers that live in Michigan.

My desire to work for MIRC was born out of the dedication and passion that MIRC has for the particular communities they serve. They are unique within MAP in the fact that they are one of the only groups able to work with one of the most vulnerable populations, the underdocumented. 

Since I would like to practice Immigration law upon gradution, working with MIRC offered me the opportunity to get hands-on experience and interactions with clients and the immigration process. I was afforded the opportunity the see and experience things that I could not have gotten out of taking a seminar class. 

I worked for a subgroup within MIRC called Immigrant Workers Rights (IWR) Team. My job, amongst other things, consisted of legal research; employer research, filling out visa packets for clients, and participating in outreach. As part of the IWR Team I was able to attend many meetings and community events to provide information to the public and I found that I was never without something engaging to do. Overall this summer proved to be a great experience and served to validate that I am going into the right field upon gradution , where I will be joining many amazing and incredible people. I left this internship feeling like I had been challenged to be better and more intentional and I can not thank MIRC enough for the experience of the knowledge I gained.

The best part about MIRC is how supportive and amazing the whole team was and how readily they would answer any question of concern brought to them. 

Si usted está interesado en ayudar a otros, entonces unirse a este asombroso e increíble equipo!