Employment, Internships, and Volunteering


MIRC is now accepting applications for Summer 2024 law clerk positions. We are only accepting applications from current law students at this time. Learn more and apply using this link: https://miadvocacy.bamboohr.com/careers/76.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Our office has several opportunities for volunteers to get involved in our work though most of these are focused on attorneys. We sometimes have a need for additional office/administrative support. Below, you will find a list of common projects/cases for volunteers:

  • Pro bono representation: MIRC places cases with pro bono attorneys and then provides continued mentoring/support throughout the duration of the case. No foreign language proficiency is required, though if you do speak Spanish, Arabic, French, or Mandarin, that is very helpful. Prior immigration experience is a plus, though not necessarily required. Cases include but are not limited to VAWA, U, and T visas (for survivors of domestic violence), bond representation in removal proceedings, removal defense, and representation for some unaccompanied youth. If you are interested in pro bono representation, please fill out this MAP Pro Bono Contacts form.
  • Interpreters: If you speak languages other than English and are interested in being an on-call interpreter, please consider filling out this form. We do not know if/when we will call you because we cannot predict when a Tagalog or Urdu interpreter will be needed. When the need arises, we will contact you about availability.
  • General Volunteer Work: On occasion we have need for volunteers for special projects, which are infrequent and generally on a time-limited basis. If you are interested in volunteering your skills in the event that we have a project fitting your abilities, please fill out this form. We will follow up with you if we have any projects available that fit your skills.